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10 October 2008 @ 03:31 pm
And I'm here to remind you [Of the mess you left when you went away]  

Dean was one with the magic fingers bed. Seriously one with it. If he’d ever wanted to marry someone in his entire life and have little Winchester babies, he wanted to marry that bed. There was nothing prying his ass out of that bed. And he was really friggin’ annoyed when Ruby bust in, the door slamming back against the wall. He knew who the hell it was before she ever came in. (Okay so he knew because she was the only one who had a key to his motel room, but he woulda known even without that clue. Swear it.) Nobody made an entrance quite like Ruby and usually when people say that, it’s a good thing. This wasn’t.

“Get your lazy, old ass out of bed. We have to clean up after Baby Brother.”

Okay, nothing except that.

“God dammit, Ruby.”

“No that would be God damn Sam Winchester. We’ve got about half an hour before the cops show up and a lot of wet work. Leaving now, Shortbus.”

Dean let out a growl of frustration and crawled out of bed, grabbing his pants off the floor as he did. He buttoned the pants up, sans underwear and grabbed a shirt, still buttoning it as he followed Ruby out the door.

“He’s snapping, Dean. I don’t know how much-“

“Ruby, shut up,” Dean snapped. His hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white. He had the radio off and the silence ticked along. He glanced at Ruby out of the corner of his eye. She had her head against the window, her nails drumming on the armrest. There were subjects they didn’t touch and Sam was one of them. Oh they skated around Sam and they bitched and insulted but they never talked about Sam. They just followed around and cleaned up his messes.

And this, this one was a hellva a mess- more bodies and blood than Dean knew what to do with. In the end, they just burned everything to the ground and got back on the road.

Sam wasn’t finished yet.