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03 October 2008 @ 06:27 pm
But now he lives inside someone he does not recognize  

This is a version of Dean who’s almost 40. Sam is evil and Dean is just trying to maintain the status quo. Most of the time he’s with Ruby ourslutty_yoda

The room is quiet and Dean can’t sleep. It’s nothing new but the room has been quiet for years now and he’s still not used to it. He crouches in front of the A/C in his boxers, grabbing his pocket knife off the cheap, crooked table next to the window. In five minutes, he’s got the cover on the A/C unit off and he’s fiddling with things inside of it. He turns it back on and there’s a rattling noise as it starts up. The rattling gets louder then levels off so that it sounds a little bit like a broken engine part. A stupid grin spreads across his face as he stands up and crawls back in bed, moving closer to the blonde lying there.

“God…you’re an idiot,” she says in a disgusted tone of voice as she rolls her eyes and lets him pull her closer.

“Too damn quiet. Can’t sleep. Why the fuck don’t you snore or something?” he bitches as he settles in, his arm across her waist.

“Because I don’t have to breathe? You really are a short bus.”

It’s easier to insult than to admit, she misses Sam too.
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