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14 November 2008 @ 07:04 pm
People need some reason to believe [I dont know about anyone but me]  
[Voicemails I’ve saved]

-Dean…it’s Sam. Everything’s fine. Stanford is…great. I just-so how are things there? Is Dad okay? I’ve got this job at a bar down the street. It’s to bar back which means I can study in the back room as long as the bar is stocked. Classes are…wow. There’s so many people and they all know so much. Anyway…I’ll let you go. Call me and let me know something hasn’t eaten you.

Three days later, Dean finds a job in Half Moon Bay. Just an hour from Stanford. Kid is lonely and he needs to see his big brother. Even if he’ll never say it. He’s not the only reticent and reluctant Winchester.

-Dean, its Dad. I heard about the job in Monticello. Nice one. I’ll catch up with you outside of Boston. I’m proud of you, Son.

Sometimes he plays that one over and over. He wonders if John would say the same thing but he doesn’t really want to know. He has a feeling, he wouldn’t.

-Hi. I’m looking for a Dean Van Halen…this is Gina. We-I met him in Dallas. I just-I thought maybe if he were in town.

She wasn’t that special. He can’t even remember what she looks like beyond her legs—Dude, you’d remember them too. They were miles and miles long--She’s the only one who ever tried to get in touch with him later. He never called her back. He never will. It’s better that way.

-Hey, Dean. It’s Jess. I’m sorry to bother you but Sam isn’t answering his phone and since he’s off with you looking for your dad…I thought maybe. Anyway, I’m worried. Have him give me a call.

Sam doesn’t know he has this one and sometimes he’s not even sure why he keeps it. In so many ways, Jess is symbolic of their mother; used and discarded the same way. If he were a psychologist, he’d say he was attempting to hold onto some piece of his mother but he’s Dean Winchester and he’d call bullshit on the psychologist.

-Dammit, Dean. Could you hurry up? It’s friggin’ cold in the car…just-answer your damn phone next time. At least I can bitch at you in person then.

Two weeks later, Sam begged him to never answer the phone while he was having sex again. Of course he didn’t listen. Freaking the giant yeti out was way too much fun.
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